Weddings Packages

We've found that Brides like a general idea of what services we offer and a guideline for pricing. Therefore, we've attached a PDF of information you may find helpful in determining if our company would be right for your wedding planning needs.

Every bride is unique, and her special day should be EXACTLY that - perfect for her. Some Brides want to do everything themselves and just want some reassurance and guidance when requested, other brides feel overwhelmed and would feel much more comfortable with a professional taking care of every detail. If you are like one of these Brides or somewhere in between, we would love to visit with you and create a package that fits your needs.

Please keep in mind that all packages are customizable, and prices/services listed many not necessarily reflect your exact needs. We are always willing to work with our Brides to make sure we fit their budget.

Feel free to contact us if you have additional questions or concerns.