Monday, February 20, 2012


You know the old woman's trash is another woman's treasure? Well, this weekend, after a few weeks of planning, I put that old saying to the test when I hosted a Paris themed swap party at my place.

Because I knew my friends (and myself included) had tons of items sitting in their closets (purses, jewelry, shoes, clothes, wallets, beauty products, etc.) they no longer use or wore, I asked if they would graciously donate them to me for a swap party. I mean think about it, just because you no longer use or want those items, it doesn’t mean someone else won’t want them either. And besides, what could be better than shopping in your friend's closet?

So, instead of throwing out those perfectly good items, I gathered them up for the Day in Paris, Swap ‘til You Drop event. And what a success! We ate, drank and swapped the entire night...we were even able to get in a few rounds of Taboo! It truly turned out to be an amazing event.

I would like to thank all of the ladies who participated and helped make the swap party a success. It’s because of you I was able to pull it off.

Check out a few of the pictures from Saturday's event!

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